Valerie is the award winning author of 8 books. Her debut novel won the Mind book of the year award. She co-edited the award winning Canadian anthology, The Great Black North – Contemporary African Canadian Poetry, and co-authored the ground breaking award winning book Eight Step Recovery Using The Buddha’s Teachings to Overcome Addiction.

She also edited, and co-wrote the first two books to document the lives of African and Asian Lesbians in Britain. She is currently working on a new collection of poetry, and a new book on the theme of the Wheel of addiction.

Addiction treatment

Published Works

  • 1990 Half the Earth: Women’s Experience of Travel World Wide
  • 1991 Frauen in Zimmerim Haus Europa(contributor)
  • 1992- 97 Editor of Feminist Arts News
  • 1992 Black Art and Culture on the Mainland of Europe: France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Spain (editor) Arts Council of England
  • 1993 Lesbians Talk: Making Black Waves co author (with Ann Khambatta) Scarlet Press ISBN 9781857270075
  • 1993 Words from Word Up Cafe (contributor) Centreprise Publications ISBN 903738767
  • 1994 Talking Black: Lesbians of African and Asian Descent Speak Out Anthology (editor) Cassell ISBN 0304329657
  • 1995 Assaults on Convention (contributor) Cassell ISBN 978-0304328833
  • 1999 Brown Girl in the Ring: Plays, Prose and Poems (Author) Get A Grip
  • 2005 Borrowed Body (Author) Serpent’s Tail, ISBN 1852428910
  • 2005 Tell Tales (contributor) Tell Tales/Flipped Eye Publication ISBN 1905233027
  • 2006 Detox Your Heart (Author) Windhorse Publications ISBN 9781899579655
  • 2007 Black British Aesthetic edited by Victoria Arana – Contributor ISBN 978-1443806015
  • 2008 Broken Voices Ex Untouchable Women Speak Out (Author) ISBN 978-8183860734
  • 2012 The Great Black North – Contemporary African Canadian Poetry – edited by Valerie Mason-John and Kevan Anthony Cameron ISBN 978-1897181836
  • 2013 New Edition of Borrowed Body published by Demeter Press Canada ISBN 978-1927335369
  • 2014 Eight Step Recovery – Using The Buddha’s Teachings to Overcome Addiction – co author ISBN 978-1909314023
  • Lotus Petals in the Snow – (Contributor)
  • 2017 New Revised expanded edition of Detox Your heart – Meditations for Emotional trauma ISBN 9781614293873


Eight Step Recovery

“These Eight Steps are aimed at anyone who is struggling with an addiction or compulsive behaviour. As well as drug, alcohol and gambling addictions, the book is for people who experience compulsive or addictive aspects to eating, sex or other behaviours.

Although we recognize that recovering from addiction can be a matter of life or death for some people, this book is also for people who do not think of themselves as having an addiction, but who have habits that are harmful in their lives. We hope the book will be of value to professionals working in the field of addiction, as well as those caring for someone with an addiction, or in relationship with a person struggling with addiction.

“We can’t avoid suffering if we open our eyes to it. Suffering is all around us. However, freedom from suffering is in front of our eyes too. Some of us, who realize our difficult human predicament, reach a crisis and turn to a spiritual path, faith or religion to deal with the shock. Others turn to an addiction for answers to the meaning of life. Fortunately, addiction itself and its suffering can lead people into the doors of a Buddhist temple, a church, a mosque, a synagogue, and many other places that offer some type of solace.

“Our book draws on the teachings of the Buddha, but the Steps can be used by someone from any religious or spiritual tradition or from none. In the spirit of the Buddha’s advice to some of his disciples, we encourage you to test out the teachings here in your own experience and utilize those you find helpful.”

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