Break The Vicious Cycle of Addiction – Online @ Insight Timer
Dec 23 2018 @ 2:07 am – Dec 29 2019 @ 9:22 am

This is an excellent course – that can be purchased at any time of the year. Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Addiction and Compulsive Behaviours

New Life Foundation – Intensive Mindfulness for Addictions and Compulsive Behaviours @ New Life Foundation
Jan 5 @ 6:09 am – Jan 12 @ 7:09 am

New Life Foundation (Thailand) Presents Vimalasara (Valerie) Mason-John – January 5th to 12th

Detox Your Heart; 8-Day Meditation Retreat

Retreat Highlights

  • All written course materials and Guided meditations will be made available as download
  • Practice sheets to help explore pleasant and unpleasant events
  • Learn to distinguish between thoughts and facts
  • Learn to distinguish between thoughts and feelings
  • Understand the vicious cycle of addictive behaviours
  • Understand early warning signs in the body
  • Become more aware of the body, thoughts, and feelings
Curso de cuatro semanas de adicción en español en linea
Jan 21 @ 3:03 am – Feb 18 @ 4:03 am

Rompe Las Cadenas De Tu Sufrimiento

Únete a Valerie Mason-John (Vimalasara) en el curso de 28 días Recuperación de Adicciones Basado en Mindfulness (MBAR)


Tanto Vimalasara como el equipo de Con Plena Conciencia queremos facilitar el acceso al curso a aquellas personas que se encuentran en una situación socio-económica difícil. Si éste es tu caso, contacta con nosotros a través de para informarte de nuestro sistema de becas.

Recuperación de Adicciones Basada en Mindfulness es un curso para la recuperación de las adicciones y la prevención de recaídas.


En tan solo 28 días, ampliarás las herramientas que tienes a tu disposición para facilitar tu recuperación.


  • Aprenderás a darte cuenta de cuáles son tus pensamientos y los desencadenantes sutiles que te llevan a la recaída.
  • Aprenderás a dejar de sentirte víctima y te darás cuenta de cómo la culpa, la pena por ti mismo y las distracciones te apartan de la experiencia real.
  • Aprenderás a cuidar de tu recuperación rompiendo el círculo vicioso de la adicción y responsabilizándote de tu vida.
NOTA: Para ver el vídeo en Español, haz clik encima del vídeo, luego dale al icono de la rueda abajo a la izquierda del texto “YouTube”, escoge “subtitles” y luego dale a “Spanish”

Este curso fue desarrollado por el Dr. Paramabandhu Groves en colaboración con Valerie Mason-John.

Está basado en el trabajo de Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression escrito por Zindel Segal, Mark Williams y John D. Teasdale.

Desde 2005, el Dr. Groves, co-fundador del MBAR, imparte este programa en el sistema de salud público en Reino Unido. Valerie Mason-John también ha llevado este programa a Europa, México, Canadá e India.

Ahora puedes tener acceso por primera vez en Español y online en exclusiva

Mindfulness Based Addiction Recovery Online Course beginning January 21st. @ Wild Mind
Jan 21 @ 10:00 am – Feb 17 @ 7:00 pm

Whether you are a professional, have lived experience, or have a family member or friend struggling with addiction or compulsive behaviors, this four-week course can be perfect for you. There will be a master class half way through. With me answering questions. If you are wanting to be a facilitator of MBAR, this online course is also important to take, as we request that you either do the online or an 8-week in-person course. I hope to journey with you this January.

What’s Race, Gender, Skin Color, Sexuality got to do with Non Self? @ East Bay Meditation Centre
Feb 16 all-day

with Dr. Vimalasara Valerie Mason-John and Shahara Godfrey

Open to Self Identified People of Color

This is a day for us to come together as People of Color to explore one of the seminal text in the Buddhist teachings -‘ Non-Self’. Paraphrasing the late Pat Parker – she once wrote ‘first you remember I’m a person of color and second you forget I’m a person of color’. What would it be like to be free from all our labels and not attached to the identities we give ourselves and identities forced upon us? Join senior teachers Shahara Godfrey  – Vimalasara (Valerie) Mason-John for a day of meditation, dharma talks and compassionate inquiry.

Space is limited and registration is requested. Register HERE

Cost: There is no registration fee for attending this event, nor most EBMC events. However, EBMC is not independently funded. The Center and the teachers will be sustained only by your voluntary donations (the practice of generous giving, or “dana”). Please donate generously, in proportion to your ability:

* Either online (you will be offered an opportunity during the online registration process to donate to EBMC; the teachers will not receive any part of this online donation).

* Or at the event, in the two baskets at EBMC, one for the Center, the second for the Teacher.

Thank you for your generosity. EBMC will be only be sustained through our collective generosity.

Fragrance-free: In order to protect the health of community members with environmental illness, please do not wear fragranced products (including “natural” fragrances) or clothes laundered in fragranced products to EBMC.

EBMC is wheelchair accessible.

Let’s Talk About 12 Step Programs and Buddhist Recovery @ East Bay Meditation Center
Feb 17 all-day

EBMC presents the first Regional Buddhist Recovery Summit:

Let’s Talk about 12 step programs and Buddhist Recovery

with Dr. Vimalasara Mason John, Shahara Godfrey, and Special Guests

The daylong will include two panels including speakers from the 12-step, Buddhist Recovery and mindfulness communities. Speakers will discuss the relationship between Buddhist Recovery and 12-step programs, and also discuss what does the World need in the midst of the current addiction crisis. There will be an opportunity to attend a recovery meeting in the morning at 9:30 am prompt.

Guest Speakers:

Father Tom – 12 step Programs

Enrique Collazo – Refuge Recovery

Laura Burges – San Francisco Zen Center

Vimalasara Mason-John – 8 Step Recovery

George Gomez – Heart of Recovery

Steve Tierney – San Francisco Zen Centre

Augusta Hopkins – Mindfulness Coach

Panels hosted by Shahara Godfrey and Walt Opie

Mindfulness Based Addiction Recovery Training in Toronto @ Institute of Traditional Medicine ITM
May 30 @ 3:12 am – Jun 2 @ 4:12 am

Mindfulness-Based Addiction Recovery (MBAR) Training for Health Professionals and Mindfulness Teachers

Who is the Training for?
The training is for experienced meditation practitioners, people with an understanding of mindfulness, and health care providers working in the field of addiction. Group skills and teaching skills preferred but not an absolute requirement.

Outcomes of the Training

  • Understand the MBAR course and be able to co-facilitate a course in your institution as part of your work practice or at your local Buddhist center.
  • Understand the nature of addiction and compulsive behaviors and how it relates to your own life.
  • Understanding of meditation and mindfulness in relation to addiction.
  • Identify your existing skills in working effectively with mindfulness for addictions and compulsive behaviors and increase your confidence in applying them.

About the Training

MBAR is a mindfulness-based approach to preventing relapse and promoting recovery from addiction. Originally called mindfulness-based relapse prevention (MBRP), the course was developed by Dr. Paramabandhu Groves (in collaboration with Valerie Mason-John). Dr Groves has led it at Breathing Space and in the NHS since 2005. Valerie Mason-John has also delivered the course in the UK, Europe, Mexico, Canada and USA. The course can be delivered 2 hours a week for 6 to 8 consecutive weeks.


The training will cover mindfulness and meditative techniques including three minute breathing space, four basic needs of the heart, body scan, and working with difficulties in meditation. MBAR models such as the vicious cycle, fact and interpretation, triggers and high risk situations will be introduced. There will also be personal reflection and rehearsal of parts of the course.

If you have a question or would like more information about the training  please email


“Vimalasara Mason-John is one of the most profound teachers of our time. She leads her studies with love, compassion and lived experience. Her teachings will change the way you see and treat yourself and other living beings.” Dr Neil Stephenson – a medical doctor and runs an addiction clinic in Norway.

“This fascinating course led by Vimalasara gave us a great insight, on both a practical and theoretical level, of the various ways in which mindfulness techniques can be used to help others recover from addiction – and more importantly stay in recovery. I would highly recommend it to any professional  working in the healthcare or substance misuse field.” Liam Watson (MSc, BSc (hons), PGDip), Director,

As part of the training you will receive:
  • A PDF manual of the course with handouts for participants.
  • Downloads of the guided meditations.
  • A copy of Eight Step Recovery.
Where The Rubber Meets the Road – GEN X Buddhist Teachers Gathering 2019 @ Great Vow Monastery
Jun 12 @ 3:40 am – Jun 16 @ 4:40 am

Gen X Dharma Teachers Conference is one of the first ongoing gatherings of dharma teachers with the purpose of fostering communication and collaboration across different traditions of Buddhism. Teachers from around the globe have the opportunity to meet other teachers, deepen relationships, discuss the particular concerns of teachers of our generation, and address issues that the international Dharma community of the future faces today.

Given the divisive social-political conditions in many parts of globe and the recent scandals in our own Buddhist circles, the 2019 planning committee felt that ethics would be an apropos topic at the next conference. With the title of “Where the Rubber Meets the Road”, we aim to both reiterate how ethics is a foundation of all our lineages’ practice and to provide a platform for engagement of how ethics can be relevant and supportive to ourselves as teachers and as sanghas in contemporary times.

This years committee organizers of this conference include myself, Vimalasara (Valerie) Mason-John, Grace Song, Lien Shutt, Kim Allen, Yeshe and Jogen.
All of whom are senior teachers in their lineage.
On Tour in Europe @ Spain
Jul 1 @ 3:28 am – Jul 15 @ 4:28 am

I am on tour in Spain and England. Please check back to see what my dates are in Spain. Or email – if you are wanting to find out my tour details or if you can book me. Thank you

Mindfulness Based Addiction Recovery MBAR Online
Aug 5 @ 9:23 pm – Sep 1 @ 10:23 pm

This 4 week online intensive course if for anyone who is connected to addiction or recovery, through their personal or professional life story. In fact if you are so inspired by the course you could go on to be an MBAR Facilitator, or learn to deliver aspects of the course in your own personal life, ie: on yourself, or in your professional context at work.

Mindfulness Based Addiction Recovery MBAR is a secular mindfulness-based approach to promoting recovery from addiction and understanding relapse. Originally called mindfulness-based relapse prevention (MBRP), we decided to focus on building Recovery Capital, which is internal and external resources that can promote harm reduction, abstinence and sobriety of mind. The course was developed by Dr. Paramabandhu Groves in collaboration with Dr Valerie Mason-John M.A. (hon. doc.) CMT-P,  MBAR is a member of the UK Mindfulness Network.

MBAR is a secular Mindfulness Course for anyone who has behaviour that is substance related or not, that brings temporary pleasure or relief. Or where one craves, acts out of the craving, and is unable to stop despite negative consequences. This course is also for professionals working in the field of addiction, and who would like to understand addiction through the Mindfulness lens, and may want to go onto do MBAR, the train the trainer course that is delivered internationally

Every day starting from August 5, there will be either a pre-recorded session, a meditation, and suggested exercises to do at home. Vimalasara will conduct a Zoom Call at a time to be announced. All are welcome.  Please Register Here

More info on how to train as a trainer here. But first do this course for yourself. Put the mask on yourself first, and discover your own addictive habits, and relationship to recovery.