What I Offer

  1. A listening ear. Listening to all sides of the story, all points of view without passing judgement.
  2. Anti bullying programs for students at school, college, university.
  3. Conflict Audit or Student Voice Audit in the educational community
  4. Anti bullying intervention in the work place.
  5. Conflict Audit in the work place
  6. Conflict Transformation in the work place
  7. Restorative Justice Approaches in the class room for teachers.
  8. Restorative Justice Approaches for employers.
  9. Leadership training for professionals.
  10. Peer Leadership training for students in leadership roles.
  11. Peer Leadership training for students, specializing in mediation skills.
  12. Peer Leadership training for students specializing in mini-conferencing.
  13. Peer Helper training for students in Elementary grades – taking on roles to help staff during recess, and lunch time.
  14. Training for Educators, Professionals in facilitating a community conference.
  15. Crisis Intervention in the work place.
  16. I can also design specific training to cater for your needs.
  17. One to one coaching with both young people and adults.
  18. Iwill facilitate a community conference – short or long.
  19. Mindfulness approaches in the work place.
  20. Mindfulness approaches in the class room.
  21. Training for the Trainer/ Workshop Facilitation
  22. I also Teach Conflict Theory