What’s Race, Gender, Skin Color, Sexuality got to do with Non Self?

What’s Race, Gender, Skin Color, Sexuality got to do with Non Self?

February 16, 2019 all-day
East Bay Meditation Centre
285 17th Street Oakland
CA 94612 United States
510 268 0696


with Dr. Vimalasara Valerie Mason-John and Shahara Godfrey

Open to Self Identified People of Color

This is a day for us to come together as People of Color to explore one of the seminal text in the Buddhist teachings -‘ Non-Self’. Paraphrasing the late Pat Parker – she once wrote ‘first you remember I’m a person of color and second you forget I’m a person of color’. What would it be like to be free from all our labels and not attached to the identities we give ourselves and identities forced upon us? Join senior teachers Shahara Godfrey  – Vimalasara (Valerie) Mason-John for a day of meditation, dharma talks and compassionate inquiry.

Space is limited and registration is requested. Register HERE

Cost: There is no registration fee for attending this event, nor most EBMC events. However, EBMC is not independently funded. The Center and the teachers will be sustained only by your voluntary donations (the practice of generous giving, or “dana”). Please donate generously, in proportion to your ability:

* Either online (you will be offered an opportunity during the online registration process to donate to EBMC; the teachers will not receive any part of this online donation).

* Or at the event, in the two baskets at EBMC, one for the Center, the second for the Teacher.

Thank you for your generosity. EBMC will be only be sustained through our collective generosity.

Fragrance-free: In order to protect the health of community members with environmental illness, please do not wear fragranced products (including “natural” fragrances) or clothes laundered in fragranced products to EBMC.

EBMC is wheelchair accessible.

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