The 8 Week MBAR Course

Welcome Session

We explore group expectations, ice breakers and the foundation practice of the 3 minute breathing space, AGE.

Session 1 – Becoming Aware

We become aware of  the body, thoughts, feelings,and triggers that lead to addictive behaviour.

Session 2- Vicious Cycle

We look at the habitual cycle of addiction, and how we can step of the Vicious Cycle.

Session 3 – Accepting Experience

We become aware of habitually turning away from experience with blame, self pity, distraction. We learn to be with our internal barometer, which is a host of pleasant, unpleasant and neutral feeling.

Session 4 – Thoughts are not facts

We become aware of automatic thinking, and learn that our thoughts are not facts.

Session 5 – Taking Care of Myself

We become aware of early warning signs in the body that alarm us that we are at risk of using, of picking up our choice of distraction. And we create an Emergency Action Plan, to help us when we are at risk.

Session 6 – Keeping the practices going to stay on the path of recovery

We focus on recovery by reviewing what happens in a relapse. We also review things that we have learned on the course to help us keep abstinent and give us sobriety of mind.

Closing Session –

This session can be helpful because endings are often a trigger that can sabotage an individuals recovery. We explore endings and encourage people to use some of the tools they have learned on the course in this session.

Facilitators of this course can be contacted at  MBAR Facilitators

If you are unable to find a facilitator in your area – then you can take the 4 weeks online intensive course – next one is August 2019 

This course can be done in Spanish – please contact

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The Online MBAR Course

The online course takes the six essential sessions, and teaches them over a period of a month. It is great course for people thinking of doing the train the trainer. And for people who are struggling with addiction. The course can be done online on your own at your own speed, and the 4 week course led by Dr Valerie Mason-John will be delivered twice a year. Please click on courses and public speaking for more information.