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Break The Vicious Cycle Of Addiction
10 Day Online Course

Dr. Valerie (Vimalasara) Mason-John — Author, Public Speaker, Mindfulness Teacher

Mindfulness Based Addiction Recovery
Addiction recovery

Mindfulness Based Addiction Recovery (MBAR), a member of  The British Association of Mindfulness-Based Approaches (BAMBA). And is a secular approach to working with addiction and obsessive thinking. It is an 8 week course where participants learn practical skills to add to their tool kit for recovery. They learn how to become aware of the subtle triggers, and facilitative thoughts that often lead to relapse. They also become aware of how blame, self pity and distraction can be habitual behaviours of turning away from unpleasant, pleasant and neutral experiences, which in turn sabotage their recovery. Participants learn how to cultivate recovery by breaking their vicious cycles of addiction. In MBAR participants learn to simply breathe again.

Mindfulness Based Addiction Recovery | Online Course Starts April 20th 2020
Train the Trainer MBAR | MBAR 8 Week Course

Dr. Valerie Mason-John — Eight Step Recovery

Eight Step Recovery is a Buddhist approach for working with addiction and obsessive thinking. These eight steps can be used by people who have not responded to the twelve-step approach, as well as by those who are in twelve-step recovery. They are steps that can free us from the prison of our minds, while also a practical guide of how to break the vicious cycle of addiction and habitual behaviours.

Eight Step RecoveryRecovery Meetings Worldwide

Detox Your Heart

Watch your thoughts; they become stories
Watch your stories; they become excuses
Watch your excuses; they become relapses
Watch your relapses; they become dis-eases
Watch your dis-eases they become vicious cycles
Watch your vicious cycles they become your wheel of life

Detox Your Heart 1 | Detox Your Heart 2 | Online CourseProfessional Training & Consultation
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Valerie Mason-John — Author, Public Speaker, Mindfulness Teacher

Public Speaking

Valerie Mason-John tours internationally as a keynote speaker

We Are What We Think, dominates everything we do. Our thoughts impact ourselves and others often causing disharmony in the home, at work, and in our social lives. It’s possible to be rid of our stinking thinking and to have thoughts without a stinker. If you are wanting healthier work performance from your employees, less sick days at work, less conflict in your life, and more joy, book Valerie Mason-John for a workshop, public speaking engagement, online one-on-one, or for professional training. She has worked for the Police, Social Services, Prison Services, Mental Health and Addiction Services, School Boards, Universities, Non-Profits, Indigenous/First Nation Services, Middle Management and the Corporate world. As heard on: Shelagh Rogers CBC, Jenni Murray BBC, TEDxCollingwood.

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