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Valerie (Vimalasara) Mason-John is an inspirational public speaker and master trainer in the field of conflict transformation, leadership and mindfulness. She is the award winning author of 8 books, and is the co-founder of Eight Step Recovery – Using The Buddha’s Teaching to Overcome Addiction, an alternative to the 12 steps programs for addiction. Since the publication of the book by Windhorse Publications in 2013, it has won the Best USA Book awards 2014 and Best International book Award 2015 in the self motivational and self help category. Eight Step Meetings are now taking place in the UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, India and Finland.

She also is the co-creator of Mindfulness Based Addiction Recovery (MBAR). Valerie is one of the leading African Descent voices in the field of Mindfulness and Addiction, and trains professionals to working in the field of  addiction all over the world.

“From the age of 11 I was often told I should write a book. I didn’t know why people suggested this. By the time I became an adult, people would say, how did you survive? What was it that helped you pull through? Five years ago I made a commitment to dedicate my life to be of service to those who were suffering and or struggling in life. I realized that if I could survive sexual and physical abuse, attempts at taking my life, living on the streets, locked up in children prison all before the age of 16, and not be on any medication, alcohol or illegal drugs today, then I must have something to share. Aged 27, I woke up to the truth. I knew I never wanted to suffer again. A stranger tried to strangle me to death, and I was determined this was not going to be one more thing to bring me down.”

This incident was a gift. Because in that moment I knew had the courage and the potential to change. And that I did not have to be a victim of my circumstances. It gave me a taste of life, and I knew I did not have live my life in survival mode, I could begin living whole heartedly.

Yes, the road was a long hard one, which involved recreational drugs, self loathing behaviour.

What was it that changed my life? The Miracle of Mindfulness, the Miracle of Kindfulness, that began to perfume my life aged 28.

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