Detox Your Heart

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Drawing on their own experiences with abuse and addiction, Valerie Mason-John presents a well-grounded series of meditations that transform anger, hatred and fear to heal emotional trauma.

After years of abuse and struggles with addiction, Valerie Mason-John was mired in the toxic emotions of anger, resentment and fear. But through meditation and willingness to forge a new path, she learned how to disarm such toxins and find peace.

Sample the work for free with the online course. In Detox Your Heart, Valerie helps us recognize our emotions, good and bad, and to develop the self-care to heal ourselves. In the Detox Your Heart online course, you’ll receive five guided meditations and five weeks of materials and exercises to reflect on.

Explore what goes on in our hearts and minds when we get angry, such as:

  • what can trigger anger
  • our thoughts (put-downs, interpretations, and criticism) and feelings
  • what is going on in the body when we are angry
  • our habitual behavior, and how we can end up in a vicious cycle

Detox Your Heart Online Course


Detox Your Heart is a unique self-directed online course featuring meditations for emotional trauma.

What you receive:

  • Five Guided Meditations led by Valerie Mason-John
  • Five weeks of materials and exercises to reflect on
  • Three segments in weeks one to four, and four segments in week five
  • Valerie is available by email to answer questions

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