Mindfulness can be a type of meditation that enables us to let go of the past, and of the future. Mindfulness meditation enables us to be in the present moment. Our whole life could be a meditation, a life full of mindfulness.

I am a mindfulness teacher of over 25 years of practicing it in my personal life. I began young, and so it has become my life blood. I teach:

  • Mindfulness in the work place
  • Mindfulness  for stress
  • Mindfulness for Addiction
  • Mindfulness for digital addiction
  • Mindfulness for negative emotions
  • Mindfulness for Unconscious Bias

If we were one with the breath their would be no reactivity, habitual and or addictive behaviours  – their would be no full scale conflict. We would see our actions and be so moved that we would apologize for our harmful words, harmful actions. We would have so much remorse that we would vow not to do it again. Being one with the breath is mindfulness. When we are truly mindful we are in the present moment with out judgement and without reactions.  Remember that old adage ‘take time out’. We tell kids to ‘take time out’, we tell adults ‘take time out’. Time Out, gives us the opportunity and the choice to pause, to become reconnected to the breath and aware of our toxic thoughts. Time Out can liberate us to do something different.


There is the gap between the feeling and thinking. This gap is where we can fall into habitual behaviour of stoking our stinking thinking. We can only change a feeling, if we change the thought that comes after the feeling. If we are Mindful we will recognize the toxic thought and choose a healthier thought. In turn that thought will create a calmer feeling. And release us from the vicious cycle of reacting, that can ignite us to bully or create conflict situations. Minding the gap is Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is becoming aware of the distractions in our daily lives, in our minds and hearts.

When we become aware of our distractions we are empowered to make a choice. We can either indulge in our distractions or come back to the task that we were initially focused on.

Developing mindfulness in our daily lives allows us to function at our full potential. When our minds are full or awareness – we wake up to how anger and resentments are triggering our behaviour.