Facts on bullying

Facts on bullying

Bullying is somebody stealing another person’s power. It is repetitive, negative and harmful.

Bullying can be a negative action whereby a person intentionally harms another person through verbal and/or non-verbal put downs or physical contact. Bullying can also be sexual harassment — somebody repeatedly making comments about someone’s body or looking at it in an inappropriate way. In our technological world, bullying has entered cyberspace. Bullying can range from hate pages, posting inappropriate photos on the internet, sexting, and assassin scam emails threatening to kill you.

We all need to heal from bullying or conflict, whether we are the people who have been harmed, or if we are the people causing the harm.

Bullying hurts people. Bullying scars people. Bullying destroys families. Bullying kills people. BULLYING MUST STOP.